Are there color themes available?
Yes, there are plenty of color themes available at the “theme” section in the settings. We add new themes at each update.
Once I’ve downloaded AspectKey, how do I set it as my keyboard?
Once you install the AspectKey, it needs to be added to your keyboards in settings. To do that go to Settings/General/Keyboard/Keyboards then tap “Add New Keyboard…” then select “AspectKey” in the upcoming list. Then, press and hold on the Globe key and Select “AspectKey” from Keyboard list.

Here is the how to do video link.

Click sound does not work?
Playing sounds requires “Full Access”, which is keyboard specific permission for 3rd party keyboards. You can grant the “Full Access” in the Settings/General/Keyboard/Keyboards/Aspect Key then switch the “Full Access” ON.
What features will be missing if I don’t grant Full Access?
AspectKey is designed to work without full access. If you don’t grant “Full Access” only the following functions will be missing.

    • Click sounds
    • Paste functionality
    • Word prediction for your contacts



  • Word prediction for your shortcuts
  • Learning your words for prediction


Am I tracked in case I grant “Full Access”?
Absolutely NO. AspectKey does not store keystrokes or sensitive data such as credit-card numbers or passwords in password fields.  AspectKey has a clear business model and AspectKey does not require you to grant the “Full Access” for key functionalities. You will be able to perform most of the functionalities without Full Access. Only the listed functionalities in the question above will be missing and those functionalities are not must-haves.
How do I access AspectKey settings?
It is on your home screen.

Here is the how to do video link:

Why keyboard switch back to the system keyboard?
Third-party Keyboard might switch back to the default keyboard when you unlock your phone with iOS8.3 or iOs 8.4. You can reboot your phone to solve this problem.
How do I purchase premium themes?
Go to the AspectKey App on your Home screen to preview and purchase new themes.
How much do premium themes cost?
Premium themes are $0.99 each, or you can purchase bundles of themes for a discounted price when available.
Which languages are supported in AspectKey?
AspectKey currently supports the following languages:

-Bahasa Indonesia -Catal -Čeština -Dansk -Deutsch – DE -Deutsch – AT -Deutsch – CH -English – US -English – AU -English – CA -English – UK -Español -Español – MX -Français – FR -Français – CA -Français – CH -Français – BE -Nederlands -Italiano -Polski -Português -Português – BR -Norsk -Română -Srpski -Suomi -Svenska -Türkçe – TR -Türkçe F – TR -Русская -Српски -Українська -Ελληνικά