Known Issues

Sometimes Aspect Key is replaced by the Apple keyboard, how can I prevent that?

    If it is a password area or defined as secure text area it is OK to switch to Apple keyboard. For such text areas 3rd party keyboards including Aspect Key are not allowed to appear. Bu this even happens on non password areas. In such cases you can simply press and hold the Globe key and re-select Aspect Key back. This is an external issue as multiple 3rd party keyboards are affected with iOS 8.3 or higher version system. You can reboot your phone to solve this problem.

The Aspect Key is not uninstalled and is not removed from General/Settings/Keyboard/Keyboard list but it does not come up when the Globe key is pressed. Please advice?

    This is a rare occasion that 3rd party keyboards are gone from the General/Settings/Keyboard/Keyboard list. To fix it go ahead and add the Aspect Key back, no harm is done.